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Easiest way to make new friends through video calls, Try it now!

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AHA Video Chat & Video Call Easiest way to make new friends through video calls, Try it now! Have you got fed up with common chatting APP and always get ignored by others? Are you tired of others being deceptive, dishonest and lie about their gender? Would you like to build true friendship with people around the world without checking their profile? Do you live in a place where is too hard to connect with others or feeling lonely and need to exchange of thoughts, ideas or feelings with someone? Say Bye-bye to common chatting and texting apps,With our new alternative “AHA” “AHA” is an application that allow you to make video calls with others, we totally believe that video calls is the best way to connect with others and building friendships, regardless of common texting apps. Only press video chat button and the App will find you video chatting mate at random, not only can you choose the gender of your chatting mate, but you can also select the region you want to search in as well. No more deception and frustration when you found that you are chatting with liar or dishonest mate like what happening in the common texting apps. We are building a clean community, so any offensive behavior or violations against our Terms of use will be taken seriously and will result in the termination of your account. Main Features: 1. Ability to select gender and region preferences. 2. Ability to conduct video chats through 3G\4G and Wi-Fi. 3. Sign up with Facebook. 4. Unlimited Text and Video Messaging among friends. 5. Dozens of quality effects and filters to make you looking better during video chatting. 6. Ability to add your new friends. 7. Ability to create AHA user id to add friends easily. If you enjoy using AHA, would you mind taking a moment to rate it? It won’t take more than a minute. Thanks for your support! We would be happy if you shared AHA with your friends Safety: User privacy information will be encrypted and won’t be shared to any third parties. The only information shared to other users is the information in your AHA profile that you are able to view. AHA won’t access your location as you can control it from your phone privacy setting. Any information you share with your friends through AHA is your responsibility. AHA also does not support any in-app screenshot function Notice: additional fees may apply when using cellular data. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or Wi-Fi connection.